Finding the right contractor for your home is never easy.

For best results, enter your address to be see the local, licensed experts who have the most verified work history in your neighborhood. Our partners: The City of Cincinnati, City of Chicago, & Google Maps.

HireWheel is a small business helping you discover Cincinnati and Chicago businesses. Seen on NPR, Fox19, and partnered with The Brandery.

How Does HireWheel Help You Decide Who's Best For Your Home?

How HireWheel Technology Works - Enter Your Address

Enter Your Address

By entering your address, HireWheel can find work that was done at your home or with your neighbors. Or optionally enter just your neighborhood, city, or zip code.

How HireWheel Technology Works - We Crunch The Data

We'll Crunch The Data

HireWheel Technology uses algorithms that analyze details of your home, contractors who have worked in your area, and who is the best fit for your job.

How HireWheel Technology Works - Get Relevant Contractors

Personalized Results

Your home is unique, and HireWheel delivers results that are unique to you. Our top picks have a proven track record in your neighborhood.

HireWheel is growing fast and is expanding across the nation. Enter your email & zip for monthly updates on your neighborhood's top pros!

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"HireWheel is essential to me and my entire brokerage because it delivers the right results we can trust. My clients rely on me for the biggest purchase of their lives, therefore I rely on HireWheel."

- Brett Keppler, Treo Realtors
Treo Realtors is Ranked in the top 1% of all Realtors nationwide.
Team ranked 1st in Cincinnati & 43rd Nationwide - Wall Street Journal